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What is GEHUCT?

The research group GEHUCT (Grup d’Estudis Humanístics sobre la Ciència i la Tecnologia; Humanistic Studies Group on Science an Technology) takes an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of science and its applications. Our topics combine ethics and political philosophy, epistemology and philosophy of science, as well as medicine, especially epidemiology.

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History of GEHUCT

The GEHUCT begins its history in 2005, acquiring the Consolidated Group status (SGR) of the Catalan research system. The initial group brings together researchers from the Department of Philosophy at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in the field of moral philosophy and the philosophy of science.

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Objectives and research

The objectives of GEHUCT are as follows:

  1. Philosophical reflection on science, technology and society from the interdisciplinary perspective of ethics and epistemology.
  2. The internationalization of the group and its research through the publication in international indexed journals and publishers, the participation of its members in workshops, congresses and international research projects, the recruitment of national and international pre-doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, and the host of international workshops and congresses in Barcelona with the participation of the world’s leading specialists in topics of interest for the group.

3. The consolidation of an interdisciplinary research group on ethics and epistemology in the Catalan system of research through the different calls for Support to Grups de Recerca (SGR) recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The current GEHUCT research lines are as follows:

  1. Philosophical reflection on public health and epidemiology.
  2. The idea of ​​solidarity in moral and political philosophy.
  3. Creativity, revolution and innovation in the processes of scientific change.



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