Part of the research group presented the Epistemic and Ethical Innovations in Biomedical Sciences (EAIBS) seminar at the 16th International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Thechnology (CLMPST), which was held in Prague on August 5-10.

The seminar was organized in two sessions with two communications in each. The objective was to address issues related to contemporary questions about the overlap between ethics and politics with technology and science.

The session began with an introduction of the topic by David Casacuberta, which gave way to Alger Sans’ talk, entitled The incompleteness of explanatory models of abduction in diagnosis: The case of mental disorders. The second talk of the first session was given by Angel Puyol, which was titled Solidarity and regulatory frameworks in (medical) big data. The second session started with the talk by David Casacuberta, entitled Innovative tools for reaching agreements in ethical and epistemic problems in biosciences. Finally, the seminar closed with the talk by Anna Estany, entitled Design epistemology as innovation in biomedical research.

The discussion and debate generated from the participation have given us new ideas to move forward with the project of addressing humanistic issues from their overlapping with science. The seminar was based on the Justice and Democracy: towards a new solidarity model (Ref .: FFI2015-64858-P) project and the Epistemological innovation: the case of biomedical sciences (Ref .: FFI2017-85711-P) project.